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Scholarships and Alumni

Since 1982, the talent development program of the Hanns Seidel Foundation has been supporting young people worldwide who engage in volunteer work and demonstrate excellent academic performance, with government funding. The foundation strengthens skills through education that are valuable not only for one's own career but also for society.

With the support of the talent development program, around 30 young people in Mongolia have been able to complete their studies (Master's or Doctoral) and/or research stays and trainings. The scholarship program of the Hanns Seidel Foundation is designed for both individual and long-term support. Former scholarship holders should also be given the opportunity to expand existing contacts, exchange opinions across borders, and carry out joint projects even after completing their studies or research in Germany.

For the long-term bond among like-minded individuals, there is an alumni association for former scholarship holders in Mongolia. The board works together with the members to organize an extensive annual program for its members, for example discussion circles and specialist sessions, conferences, discussions, and research trips.

In addition, the HSF Mongolia supports young talented researchers and experts through research grants and national scholarships, enabling them to publish high-quality research in their home country.