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Our Work

Work visits

Since 1993, the office of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation (HSF) in Mongolia has organized approximately 136 work visits. These strengthen the relationships between Mongolian and German legal scholars, lawyers, and politicians and promote the legal reform of Mongolia.

Teaching Courses

Since 2001, the HSF, in cooperation with Juvenile Detention Center No. 411, has organized the training "Teaching Basic Legal Knowledge to Juveniles" and "Training in Artisan Professions". As part of this project, over 170 adolescents attended artisan courses, and over 600 young people attended courses on legal issues.


The HSF office in Mongolia advises the National University of Mongolia in developing the curriculum at the Law Institute and assists relevant organizations and individuals in drafting legal proposals (Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Police Act, Administrative Code, Administrative Procedure Code).


Since 1998, the foundation has financially supported or themself published a total of 78 books, textbooks, documentations, journals, scientific articles, bulletins, and brochures.

Technical Assistance

Since 1995, the HSF has provided technical assistance 28 times to the School of Law of National University of Mongolia, the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, the Academy of Governance, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Enforcement Authority, the Intellectual Property Office, the Mongolian Bar Association, the Supreme Court, the Parliamentary Secretariat, the Constitutional Court, the Parliamentary Archive, the Court of Selenge Aimag, and Detention Center No. 411. A total of over 120 technical devices, office equipment, furniture, and software have been provided as technical assistance.

In 2010, the foundation supported the Constitutional Court of Mongolia with software for "The management of official correspondence, registration and control of applications, archiving, and data search."


The Hanns-Seidel-Foundation's office in Mongolia has organized a total of 36 symposia and over 80 seminars since 1993 with the aim of supporting the legal reform of Mongolia and improving the education of lawyers.


Since 1993, the foundation has organized a total of 24 music, painting, and writing competitions, which aim to promote the communication between the two states and to motivate the young learners of German.

Radio and Television Programs

Since 1997, the HSF office in Mongolia and the Academy of Legal Education in cooperation with various radio and television channels have broadcasted numerous unique programs and series with role-plays, legal consultations, and discussions to improve citizens' legal knowledge. Additionally, numerous short video clips on legal topics are regularly published.

Study grants

 A total of 23 people have completed further training and research training in Germany in the field of legal studies or completed masters and doctoral programs with scholarships from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.



 During the visit of the Chairperson Prof. U. Männle in 2015, the continuation of the cooperation agreement between the HSF and the Government of Mongolia was signed.

During the visit of the Chairperson Prof. U. Männle in 2015, the continuation of the cooperation agreement between the HSF and the Government of Mongolia was signed.