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Our Interns at the HSF

In the following article, we introduce our two interns and their tasks here at the HSS in Mongolia. They talk about their experiences and the challenges they face in their daily work. We also explain why it is worth coming to Mongolia and how you can apply to us.

We, the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Mongolia, cordially invite you to complete an internship with us in Ulaanbaatar! We are currently being supported by two dedicated interns who will be leaving us shortly before the Naadam Festival and we would like to introduce you to them and their tasks!

Ariuntuul Mandakh

Ariuntuul Mandakh graduated from the Faculty of Law at the National University of Mongolia in 2023. During her studies, she already intended to take up a Master's degree course in Germany after completing her Bachelor's degree. She is doing an internship at the Hanns Seidel Foundation to improve her German and language skills. Her internship started on March 25 and will end on July 9. Her tasks are as follows:

  1. Preparation of the Daily News
  2. Preparation of the weekly news report
  3. Translation: German - Mongolian, Mongolian - German
  4. Update and upload news from the Hanns Seidel Foundation
  5. Taking notes of meetings in the office
  6. Document processing and editing
  7. Participation in the event (June 5: preparatory event for the launch of the Northeast Asian Youth Climate Council)
  8. Helper for events like:
  • April 18: Workshop - Integration in Northeast Asia - Perspectives for regional cooperation
  • May 9: EU Day
  • May 27: Opening of the German, European Legal Center (ZDER)
  • May 28: Discussion on the digitalization of courts
  • May 30: Activities for the awarding of competition prizes

Corinna Schürhoff

My name is Corinna Schürhoff and I am a Master's student in the International Political Economy of East Asia program at the Ruhr University in Bochum. My internship at the Hanns Seidel Foundation started on May 1st and will end on July 5th just before the Naadam Festival of the Mongols. During my internship, I translated the website from German into English and wrote a comprehensive report on Mongolia's role in the Northeast Asian security structure. In addition, I was responsible for the office organization and the planning and implementation of various events, including, for example, the Europe Day, a workshop on the digitalization of the court system in Mongolia, the opening of the Legal Center for European and German Law and the preparation of the Northeast Asian Youth Climate Council. My other tasks also included updating and producing the latest news from Mongolia. 



A Step into the Unknown: Why do an Internship in Mongolia?

An internship in Mongolia offers numerous attractive reasons that make this country a unique and enriching destination. In summer, Mongolia is ideal for camping and hiking, with its impressive variety of landscapes. The nature offers a unique experience, with the most diverse landscapes: The majestic Altai Mountains in the west, the fascinating Gobi Desert in the south, mountains and scenic lakes in the north and endless steppes in the east. An internship also allows you to get to know the fascinating nomadic culture, which is deeply rooted in the country's history and traditions. Politically, Mongolia is extremely interesting, as it is a landlocked country between Russia and China and plays an important geopolitical role. For over 50 years, Germany and Mongolia have maintained friendly relations, which are characterized by the Mongolians' openness and curiosity towards Germans. This friendly atmosphere makes it particularly worthwhile to organize events in Mongolia and experience the country at close quarters. An internship in Mongolia therefore not only offers professional development, but also deep cultural enrichment and unforgettable experiences in a breathtaking environment. It is definitely worth exploring the country after your internship!


How do I apply?

Application requirements include a university degree in a relevant subject related to HSS Mongolia's project work, such as law, political science or environmental sciences, either currently being studied or completed less than six months ago. High resilience, intercultural sensitivity and openness to international experience are essential. Native German language skills and excellent English language skills are essential. The documents to be submitted include (1) a cover letter or letter of motivation in German (maximum one A4 page), (2) a tabular CV in German and (3) relevant supporting documents such as university certificates, letters of recommendation or work samples in German or English (maximum five A4 pages).


Please send the application documents in the correct order (1st - 3rd), observing the maximum length and in one PDF document to and Applications can be submitted all year round. The selected intern will receive a monthly allowance of 400 euros. The visa for Mongolia, insurance, local accommodation etc. must be organized by the intern. The project office staff will support and help with the preparations.

Pictures of Events, Ulaanbaatar and its surroundings